Newport Beach LDS Temple | Alec and Thalietha Wedding

I love me some Newport Beach temple pictures. I love the grounds here. It seems like I’m always able to find some good light- even in the harsh part of the day. And as much as I love to shoot at the San Diego temple, I shoot there a lot, so a change-up is always nice!

Alec and Thalietha had a pre-wedding session the day before their sealing, unfortunately on the hottest week of the entire summer. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to stick around the temple long after their sealing because we had gotten the bulk of their couples photos done the day before! That was a huge bonus that we were ALL grateful for. But I’m not sure these lovebirds even noticed the weather- they were too cute with each other and just the right mixture of fun, playful, and serious. I love the images we got from our pre-wedding session. Really, that landscaping with that fountain…just gorgeous. 

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