Bear and Mattie| San Diego LDS Temple Wedding| Hayley Burk Photography

You’d think the weather would be pretty consistently sunny at the San Diego temple, but it’s tricky to work around- especially in the Summer! We showed up to take pre-wedding pictures and it was cold! But also I’m a bit of a Southern California girl and I came from 100+degree heat that day. So 65 felt really cold. Anyway, the great thing was that the marine layer made a beautiful filter over the sun and we had gorgeous, even lighting to work with, which made me a happy girl.

Bear and Mattie are a darling couple and are super at ease and cute with each other in front of the camera. I was so excited about how their pre-wedding photos turned out. We spent most of our time at the temple then went to a local park quickly for a few last-minute shots before the sun went down, then headed home.

The following week was their actual sealing and reception. It was right in the middle of one of the worst heat-waves this summer and we were MELTING. Quite the contrast from the week before! We took some quick family photos and got out of the sun as quickly as possible. The reception was beautiful and well-attended and everyone had a lot of fun dancing. The food was amazing, and the decor was perfect. To top things off, the grand exit was done with confetti, which I was nervous about lighting-wise, but I love how the exit photos turned out! I used my trusty video light to get consistent lighting and was super glad I did. They’re some of my favorite pictures of an exit EVER.

I think that’s the highlights! Overall, the whole wedding was a beautiful celebration and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it!

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